The coalition of organisations and citizen groups leading the movement to clean up our rivers, lakes and seas in this country expect the new government to respond rapidly to national public outrage at the state of our water.  Our rivers, lakes and seas should be protected and safe for nature, for ourselves and for future generations.

We expect to see the following in the manifestos:

  1. Our government will enforce the law now to deliver the investment to end raw sewage pollution; effectively treat our sewage; and maintain our sewage system to provide for our population now and in the future.
  2. Our government will stop pollution for profit and the exploitation of consumers and taxpayers. The government will regulate to protect citizens and the environment, not water companies.

This will require proper governance, effective regulation, and reforming the model of ownership.


  1. Water companies must comply with, and regulators must regulate according to the 1991 Water Industry Act and the 1994 Urban Waste Water Treatment Regulations which require all sewage to be treated, and for storm overflows (which discharge raw sewage) to only operate in truly exceptional circumstances.
  2. Any delay in enforcing the legislation and water companies will continue to take money out of the water system, in dividends, bonuses and loan payments, reducing the water system capacity and continuing to pollute our rivers, lakes and seas to the detriment of the health of people and wildlife.
  3. The public has paid for our sewage to be treated and our sewage system maintained. We must not pay twice. Water Company debt is not investment. Water companies must invest, and regulators must ensure investment before profits.



Feargal Sharkey

Ilkley Clean River Group, Chair Prof Becky Malby

River Action UK, CEO Charles Watson

Save Windermere, Matt Staniek

Surfers Against Sewage, CEO Giles Bristow

SOS Whitstable, Sally Burtt-Jones

Wild Fish, CEO Nick Measham

Windrush Against Sewage, Ashley Smith

Who We Are

We are campaigners who believe in keeping our waterways clean for the benefit of nature, ourselves and future generations.

We do not take money from government, regulators, water companies and associated commercial enterprises.

We are local people who are not compromised by any association with the UK water system.